3sge transmission options

3sge transmission options

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Toyota Celica. Wiki User It can be done. The challenge is that you have to reverse the direction of the gear selectors Yes,I know that I have to reverse this. But how can I do this?? Thanks a lot! Celica, MR2, Solara, etc. The MR2 is better as a performance car, the Celica has more seating and storage room, so would be better for travelling, and is front wheel drive so it will drive better in the snow.

Not that i know of, but! There is a 6-speed in the newer celica GTS model, and that transmission will bolt up to the 2. But the problem is getting the shift linkage hooked up, the rear engine has a shift linkage on the front of the transmission, and the FWD has a linkage on the rear of the transmission.

But i am in the process of putting in a and buying a 6-speed Celica transmission That 6-speed transmission will NOT bolt to a 5sfe, 3sge or 3sgte engine. There are currently no 6 speed options. This includes adjusting the shift linkage and mounting points. Toyota discontinued production of the Mr2 in due to the increase in competition and lack of sales of the model. In addition, they discontinued the Celica due to the same reasons. Asked in Toyota Camry Will headers on a celica work on a Camry with a 5sfe motor?

If the motor is a 2. Asked in Toyota MR2 Will a mr2 turbo transmission fit mr2 motor? Asked in Toyota Celica Celica automatic transmission? Yes, automatic transmission is an option and was introduced on Celicas in the US in The transmission dipstick on a Toyota Celica is toward the back of the engine compartment on the passenger side of the motor. It is behind the air intake hose. The 2. Asked in Toyota Celica Which Toyota engines are compatible with the W58 transmission such as the one found in an 84 Celica?

I have an '84 Celica GT and it came with a 22re 2. The manual uses 75W gear oil. Should be a plug at the side of the transmission. No the chassis of the Toyota Celica will have to be modified to fit it. The transmission required also uses a 4WD system which will have to be custom made for the Celica. Celica is a bigger motor and it would not match up to the transmission. Same place you check it.For a tour of the JDM shop, we picked the engine up from as well as a quick compression test on the motor, check out the video above.

Check out the video above for that whole process. Plus Xcessive provides new bolts for the brackets to attach to the engine block. Again, Xcessive provides automotive grade bolts, nuts, and washers with the spacers. This gives us good hood clearance and tunnel clearance for the transmission, without upsetting suspension geometry too much. This is designed to be used with the J 6-speed transmission that comes with the Beams 3SGE, but it turns out that early first gen Celicas, sometimes called Series 1 or Slantnose, have a completely different center tunnel and trans crossmember mounting locations than the late 1st gen Series 2 or Flatnose Celicas like mine have.

Fun times ahead! This article is very helpful to people who are curious about this setup. While they were helpful, this one to me tops the cake. The information is funny the videosthorough and concise, describing what were used, why they were used and where to get them. Hello there! I am planning on doing the same swap on my RA24, and I was wondering if you can give me some advice on the custom engine wiring harness you are planning on using.

I appreciate it! Hi Dave, any update on this project? Really interested to see what you guys have done so far. Have a good one! New video out on Monday, showing the ITB install and a timing belt swap. Hi Dave. I am in need of some parts and pieces. I have kept up with your build and like the direction you are headed with your own Celica.

I love the videos. I am wondering what you have planned for the pieces you are not going to use in your build as I may have a use for them. Thanks for your time. Here is a bit of inspiration for your build. Love this series on your channel. I am Boofighter on YouTube as well. Awesome info you guys shared on the 77 celica, I am also doing a Beams blacktop swap into my 75 corolla sr5 coupe, my subframe is a bit different in my te37 than the 77 celica, I am.

However, It might be nice to use the Altezza AE 5 speed tiptronic transmission. Also, the engine mounts that were EOM for the 3se were sadly lacking. Have to keep replacing them. Are the mounts mentioned above any better?

Would they fit? One of the most distracting things you can experience during a race is the glare bouncing off your dash onto your windshield. Not only can it be annoying, it can…. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Kerby Andersen. By any chance can you later post the parts you used to built everything?Help - Search - Members - Calendar. It seems like everyone who has a 3sgte has a manual tranny.

I'd like to know why. Is it because of the whole manual is more fun thing or is it because an auto tranny isn't possible. Also, when I say auto tranny bolt-on, I mean will it stay a front wheel drive. I don't want to do any rear-wheel or all-wheel drive conversions. If I do the swap, I'd like an auto for a daily driver because shifting all the time in traffic sucks.

With all this, here's my main question: Are there any auto transmissions that will simply bolt on to a 3sgte motor and keep it front wheel drive? If someone has the answer, please post it. You can use an auto transmission to bolt up to the 3sgte. My friends ex-car had a 3sgte swap with an auto transmission. I'm not sure what it was. I think it has the same transmission that bolted up to the 3sge.

But in my opinion it was not worth it going auto. That's awesome, could you ask him to verify what type of transmission it was and whether or not there were any additional problems with mounting and operation?

Will the 3sge auto tranny break under that kind of torque? I wouldn't think so. I don't think an auto would be bad for a turbo. My friend's old supra has an auto and it will outrun just about anything.

The autos will still downshift on their own if you floor it and then rev high to get the boost. I don't care if I don't reach the "full potential" like you would with a manual, again, I just want an easy daily driver with pep.

I really appreciate your reply, thanks. An auto trans will bolt up to a 3SGTE. Confirmed It will need machined to fit the larger bolts. The flexplate will bolt to the 3SGTE crank. Thanks WannabeGT4, that was really good info and a surprising amount of criticism. I was shocked at the behavior of some of these guys. Anyhow, it seems like a whole lot of trouble now so I may not move into that kind of project. I think it's cool that you had the same idea, though.

That might not what you and I want, but he does. Give the guy a break already. I've found at least one place that sells performance ae kits and transaxles.


A fast auto transmission with a hi rev stall converter and modified solenoinds will shift faster than you can with a manual thats true. But it is not an auto anymore in terms of comfort - it's a drag car with hard shifts. My opinion is that it will cost you way more to make it auto, and you get less of a pleasure compared with a manual.

But if it's really what you whant to do and it makes you happy then best of luck to you and keep us updated on the progress 'cause I really thought it's not possible on a celica. Either one will need machined to fit the larger bolts and slightly different bolt pattern. WannabeGT4, I support your cause. Auto with turbo is still VERY funFlat Style by Ian Bradley. Privacy Terms. Quick links.

Board index Tech Engine and Drivetrain. The day we learn to think. Toyota wrote: You need a Toyota V6 stick shift tranny bellhousing or the whole tranny if is a rwd only, that save you half of the trouble, as 3Sgte and the VZ-E v6 engines share the same bellhousing patterns.

3sge transmission options

I've seen so many run bearings from converted engines and they're usually oblivious to the oil surge issue. Both types can be sourced from a hiace van with G52 type gearbox which will fit the supra w55 alloy box.

There is only one rwd 3s i know of apart from the altezza. Ive never come across one yet.

1977 Toyota Celica BEAMS Swap

Theres many combinations of starters and modifications to make each bell work. The altezza 3sge j 6speed will fit and i hear will handle a mildly boosted 3sgte. If you are going for big power then look for the later block that has extra metal at the front corner. And also if going for big power, do a sonic test on the block to check for core shift because it's known that some bores have a thin wall. Also research into which ones deleted the engine mounts on the side of the block.

All of them have water for the radiator out the back of the head which needs either firewall mods or custom parts. Here the gen2's are the cheapest from st and sw Tuner, Builder and Racer. Paypal luzunaris99 gmail. I'm planing on doing a 3sgte swap in my te I know what bell housing and transmission I'm gonna use, but I'm having troubles figuring out what version of the engine I want to use. Are any of them easier to use for rwd? From what I've read you can use the 2s oil pan and pickup on a gen 3sgte.

Toyota ALTEZZA/ ALTEZZA GITA Car & Auto Japan 901879 Parts

Dose anyone know if the 2s pan and pickup will fit on the gen 4 3sgte? Every generation has its ups an downs. The 4th gen is very bitter sweet. The COP is awesome. The turbo exhaust housing being cast into the manifold sucks since you can't just flip the turbo around. Version 3 is the most powerful with a distributor but the block is weak. And versions 1 and 2 are super easy to find parts for and cheap to here in the states but they're outdated and don't make as much power with the bigport heads.

How much Power Does The ITB 3SGE Beams Make? - Celica Dyno Tuning

So what do you guys suggest? Board index Contact us.Free yourself from the constraints of the factory ECU. The ECU is a direct fit in the factory location. Installation is a Nissan ZX Z32 Turbo manual. On-board inbuilt 4. Looking to take your GT-R to next level performance?

The factory ECU case is used to cover the Link board. A small modification to the case is needed to allow for a The Atom 3S has been packaged to bring together some of the best new options with the long standing proven platform The Most Advanced 4. This expansion loom plugs into the board of the plugin line of the Link ECUs and allows for connection of additional Once there was just the Atom. Lightweight, simple, fast, fun. A pure sports car distilled down to its basic function.

Beautifully engineered, exquisitely built and designed for a purpose. Now that Installation is a breeze with no alteration of the factory wiring loom required.

Factory features are supported - see Features for any exceptions.

3sge transmission options

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MR2-S 2ZZ swap

Sign in Register.Approaching an engine swap comes with a lot of uncertainty. Especially when the engine swap you want to perform, is a rare one, not performed on many vehicles. It can also be costly if you have to do iterative testing and develop strategies to coax something to work correctly. The following is a set of instructions that should allow anyone with at least a journeyman level knowledge in basic mechanics and tool usage, to swap a 5th generation, 3SGE BEAMS engine into a " Toyota Celica Liftback.

The engine is an ideal choice as it is lightweight, inexpensive, incredibly durable, and capable of substantial power increases. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Obtain a manual steering rack from an aw11 chassis code Toyota Mr2. Alternatively, you may use an AE71 Toyota Corolla manual rack.

Each of these steering racks is rare and difficult to locate. To improve your chances of finding one, visit Car-Part. They inventory a vast network of auto parts recycling centers and remain a top choice when considering ease and availability. Remove the steering column and have the Steering Rack Adapter installed at a welding shop or performance shop. Install your modified column and new steering rack. Install a Walbro in-tank Fuel Pump into the factory fuel pump location.

Custom fittings will need to be made to use the fuel pressure regulator. This can be done many ways but one easy way is to have custom banjo bolt fittings made at any hydraulic hose supplier. Install the Fuel Pressure Regulator with Gauge as shown. Connect the return line of the fuel rail to the bottom of the fuel pressure regulator and return to the fuel tank to the side.

3sge transmission options

Fuel Pressure should be set to approximately 60 psi. The wire should only show voltage while cranking. Tap into this wire and run a wire from it to your black starter signal connector located on top of the starter. Connect your starter to Battery positive via the post on top near the starter signal connector.

Wire the Electric Fan as shown in the relay diagram. There may be additional steps to get your BEAMS-swapped Celica on the road such as exhaust, rear differential, drive-line, clutch, etc. These vary greatly depending on one's unique situation, however. At the least, after following this step-by-step instruction guide, your BEAMS engine should now be running successfully in your car.

Question 13 days ago on Step 6. Doing a swap in another car, are these the only electrical connections I need to make between car and ecu? Question 3 months ago on Step 7. Question 6 months ago on Introduction. Hi I did same project but facing problem with rpm it smooth on idle but the car is so weak when it moves. Introduction: Approaching an engine swap comes with a lot of uncertainty.

Supplies: 5th Gen. Add Teacher Note. Obtain and install a crossmember from an AE86 Toyota Corolla. Pictured above is a model made by Xcessive Manufacturing.

You can use the factory Toyota model, but you will need to drill your own mounting holes and that can cause alignment issues.Help - Search - Members - Calendar. OEM 5sfe clutch kit from you dealership for a beams motor will work but i feel as if it won't handle the power after a while. I ordered mine from southbend as I like that fact that they use Exedy parts for their clutch kits which are resprayed a different color. Option 3 : If you are using an E transmission for your 3sgte or V6 engine.

All you need to get is a 3sgte clutch kit from your preferred clutch company. This should be stickied. Delete this comment please. Does someone know if the clutch and pressure plate from the ef is the same than the e, when used with the 3rd gen 3s-gte? Does anyone know how much the s54 flywheel weights? Bonzai Celica: Nice guide, thx! How much was that hybrid clutch disk at South Bend? A 3sgte pressure plate will not work on a beams flywheel that's why I had to run to my friends shop nd get the lightweight flywheel from a 3SGTE I've put 40, street only miles and seems to be in okay condition.

Its rated at ft lbs and I never had any problems with it slipping, it always had good grasp and felt just a little stiff over stock. This is a "lo-fi" version of our main content.

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