4 inch narrowed ball joint beam

4 inch narrowed ball joint beam

Note on the position of the Beam Adjusters; When they are set in the highest "up" position, that is equal to stock height of a stock unmodified axle beam. Net, Inc All rights reserved.

Classic VW BuGs How to Replace Beetle Torsion Arm Spring Bushings Swing Axle Seals

Net, Inc. The use of VW, Volkswagen and any model names and numbers is for the sole purpose of description of parts application.

The use of these terms in no way denotes or infers a direct or indirect connection between Aircooled. Built with Volusion. Net VW Parts Store vwparts. VW Parts Catalog. These beams are original German, which are inspected for damage before any work is started.

Each beam is cleaned, stripped, cut, and TIG welded back together. OEM needle bearings are used at the torsion arm end for long lasting support and ease of movement through the entire range of travel. These also come WITH adjusters and torsion springs.

If the shock towers need to be moved due to the width of the beam, they are placed in a location that "Works". This is why the " narrowed beams cost more. RLR Narrowed Axle Beams are available in 2", 3", 4" and 6" narrower-than-stock widths choose in drop down list. Core BuyBack Available. Join Our Mailing List. VW Tech Articles. Gift Certificates. Net Inc. Please only contact us by PHONE if you are unable to email for some reason, or if your situation or tech question is complicated.

If you are phoning for status of a backorder or order in process, you may receive your reply by EMAIL. Width of Axle Beam:. Powder Coating. Product Overview.Fits the following:. Front Rotors are currently on back order. PDF Instructions and Tips:. The PRO's Recommendations:.

PDF Instructions:. Fits the following equipped with an Ultimate Beam :. Fits the front of the following:. Fits front applications for the following equipped with an Ultimate Beam :. Fits rear applications for the following:. Fits the following with a 2 - 4" narrowed beam:. Fits the following with a 5 - 6" narrowed beam:. Fits the following with a " narrowed beam:. Toggle navigation If the vehicle has been in an accident, it is possible that minimal massaging will be needed to install.

Use an air impact to tighten the rear rotors, not a torque tool. One tip though, if the vehicle is adjusted all the way down, the ride will be rough, lift it up and inch and the ride improves.

Get the matching Tie Rods and Torsions as well. Get the matching Torsions and Tie Rods as well. Add to cart. After purchasing from us online, we will have Fed Ex come by to pick them up with in the next days.

Will not work with Wilwood caliper equipped brake kits. Click on the details tab for more info. See Details for more information. If you want firm, go with the gas shocks.

If you want to be able to tune the ride quality to what you want, the adjustable shocks are what you need. Normal axle bearing grease is used and is recommended that you check it every miles.

If you are looking to lower your Classic Volkswagen, Airkewld is the complete source to make this happen. From a slight drop, to kissing the pavement, we have the necessary parts to get you there and give you an amazing ride that looks even cooler. PRO Tip's - When making the decision to go with a narrowed beam, that decision requires other parts to come along with it for the ride quality to be good or great.

With all these together, installed correctly, the ride will be on point! Because of the various options we have had over the years, it was hard to have these custom kits built in a timely manner.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. All rights reserved. Not all products sold on busdepot. All brandnames are trademarks of their respective owners. Sitemap Privacy Policy Returns Policy.

Magento Commerce Search: Search. Are These Quality Parts? No modifications required to fit. New lasercut end plates with increased shock travel. Finest quality materials and workmanship. Fully height adjustable. Tig welded tubes for strength. Note Beam takes king and link pin shock absorbers and not standard balljoint shocks Please allow 1 week for delivery. Qty: Add to Cart. Fits Vehicles: Universal Product. Brand is the brand name that we usually ship; however we do reserve the right to substitute brands based on availability.

Country if noted refers to the country in which the manufacturer is based. The actual country of origin of the part may differ, as many companies now manufacture worldwide.

Complete Ball Joint Axle Beam, With Adjusters, Take Off

Part Reference Number is provided for cross-reference purposes only, to indicate that our part is a suitable replacement for that part. The actual SKU number on our replacement part may differ.

Not all parts on busdepot.High quality and hand built in the USA.

4 inch narrowed ball joint beam

This narrowed adjustable beam is for buses from Wagenswest narrowed adjustable beams include, premium bearings, OEM style composite or needledepending on the year of your bus. Also a new center pinand a torsion spring narrowing tool. You will need a set of narrowed tie rodsyou can add them to the orderjust pick the option below. Volkswagen buses use truck offsets wide axles and negative offset wheels.

Passenger cars bugs were built with narrower axle widths and wider offset wheels. And aftermarket Volkswagen wheels are built using passenger car or bug offsetsand we want to use these aftermarket wheels.

This is why we narrow beams, to compensate for the width increase. Custom tube geometry and adjusters. We build a new beam, so this means we can change some things. Like adding torsion spring adjusters, for changing ride height.

4 inch narrowed ball joint beam

And we modify the tube geometry, to achieve better handling. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. No modifications to the bus needed to install, these beams are ready to bolt up! Most often it is a 4 week wait on us shipping these beams. Understanding why we narrow Volkswagen bus beams. Reason 2 After market brakes add positive offset, and a narrowed beam helps with this increased width.

Reason 3 Custom tube geometry and adjusters. Thanks for looking. Additional information Weight 65 lbs. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

Join Waitlist We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. Just leave your valid email address below.Offer details and Exclusions. CIP1 reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time, without notice. You must select this "Free Shipping Business Days " option as your shipping method. Any other shipping selection will NOT ship for free! Do not complete your order unless you agree with the total amount of your order displayed!

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Canada Flag. No Sales Tax! Email me when Back-In-Stock. Click here to see both versions. You will also need to purchase a set of torsion arm bushing, Click here for C These are bare beams.

2" Narrowed Ball Joint Beam with Ratchet Style Adjusters

March Madness! This credit can only be applied to the Cip1 account used and is NOT transferable. Limit one Gift Card per customer. Must be used in one transaction. This offer is ONLY available to new orders! Not redeemable for cash. No rain checks accepted. Offer valid only while supplies last. Shipping charges, taxes, etc. Applies Only the total dollar value of the physical items purchased.

Returns or exchanges of items that received a Gift Card credit will result in an adjusted refund amount. Promo offers cannot be applied to past purchases. This promotion cannot be combined on orders with price matched items.The car pictured below was fitted with drop spindles and Riviera alloy wheels. The beam was narrowed 1. When you lower a Beetle, although the tyre maybe close to the wing, the fact that the suspension is nearly bottomed out prevents the tyre from hitting the wing too much.

However, when you lower a Beetle and fit drop spindles, aside from the track increase that the spindles give you, the drop spindles enable the trailing arms to operate at a less severe angle and you get a lot of your suspension 'bounce' back. The wheel will easily make contact with the wing.

We have a lot of experience of narrowing and fitting narrowed beams. Although narrowing the beam can solve tyre wing clearance problems, a lot of other factors need to be taken into consideration. We have found that it is preferable to narrow the beam slightly more than the track has increased in order to allow additional clearance between the tyre and the wing lip.

For instance, if the track of the vehicle with the drop spindles and an after market disc brake kit has increased by 1" 25mm per side, then it is preferable to narrow the beam 1. On cars fitted with ball joint front beams, it is possible to narrow the beam by 1. It is possible to narrow the beam much more up to 2.

On cars fitted with king and link pin beams, there is much more of a problem. Any more requires the inner wing area to be recessed to allow the shock absorber towers to sit within the bodywork.

An additional problem with cars built after is that the petrol tank also has to be modified with recesses to clear the inner wing modifications. On earlier cars, the inner wing modifications sit below the petrol tank supports, so this modification is not required.

Some customers do not want the inner wings of their car messed with. To get around this problem, we have just finished a king and link pin front beam on which we have removed the stock shock absorber towers and replaced them with laser cut 10mm thick plate shock towers that have been moved outwards as far as possible.

This allowed us to narrow the beam by 1. The first part of the narrowing process if you are not using an original beam is to select a 'good' new beam. We have found that some of the new beams have very poor fitting trailing arm bearings. So far, the beams supplied by VW Heritage have had the correctly fitting trailing arm bushes. The worst area on the new beams is the shock absorber tower spot welding.

The spot welds are not very close together and the joining faces of the pressed shock tower sections have gaps. To improve the strength, we seam weld the tower all the way around on both sides. The beam is then measured carefully to establish reference points to ensure its correct size after narrowing.

Empi 22-2818 Narrowed Lowered Vw King Pin Front Axle Beam, 1949-1965

Then it is cut into the required sections. The beam is reassembled using sleeves that have been manufactured to fit on the inside of the beam tubes to keep the sections in alignment and reinforce the beam at the join.New Balljoint Beams. Availability: All of my parts are built to order. Please contact me for current turnaround times.

What year is your Type I? Beam width. Shocktower addition.

4 inch narrowed ball joint beam

Shocktower addition Shockless. No Shocktower needed. Torsion Springs. Tie Rod Options. Tie Rod Options NO tie rods included. You will still need narrowed tubes to match your beam New thick walled tie rod tubes. Right Hand Drive. New Hardware. New Zinc coated grease fittings. New Grade 8 Panhead bolts. Dropped Spindle Options. Dropped Spindle Options Forged, 2. Put me on the Waiting List.

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