Jardesign a320 update

Jardesign a320 update

JARDesign have given us a sneak peek of their upcoming A V4 that will bring Vulkan compatibility and more as well as some previews of an update of their A Since our last recap on the JAR Design A in February, the developer has made vast progress on an update for the aircraft. Through their Facebook groupmany screenshots have been posted of considerable changes in systems, exterior model, engine logics, and exterior and interior night lighting.

Additionally, the cockpit controls are to be reworked for a more comfortable interaction in VR. The developer told Threshold that multiple smaller updates would be pushed out to ensure the good functioning of each modification. The cockpit lighting is being worked on as well as a new passenger cabin featuring environmental landing. Furthermore, the developer has reacted to the recent release of the X-Plane For more information on the update or on how to become a beta-tester of these upcoming updates, check the Facebook post out.

Recently, the developer unveiled new previews of their upcoming Airbus A Check our article about it. Alexandre Faroux. Sunday, April 5, Aircraft Release. Scenery Update. Other News. Aircraft Update. We encourage informed discussion and debate - though this can only happen if all commenters remain civil when voicing their opinions. Threshold Store Threshold Forum.February 16, Look and FeelX-Plane 11 2 comments. When you own the a for X-Plane 10 and may continue to use it with X-Plane 10 simulator with no problem.

No update need in this case. Support is continue. As you know may be, you may use some my tricks from facebook to take a for XP10 and make it loadable with XP If you need release, need stable version, please wait. How to Install: Please not mix files with other version.

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jardesign a320 update

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Add Diagnostic plugin, what can help if some installation was wrong red message at screen if problem happen Perfomance and fuel calculation was broken in XP11 and we will rework it at last stage, after XP11 release. Cockpit buttons night lighting was broken. Rework ND flightplan path drawing. Angelique van Campen on April 26, at pm. Log in to Reply. Submit a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

jardesign a320 update

Our Advertisers. Our Friends.By StephenApril 3, in Airliners Reviews. This new v3. Yes you can now fly the Airbus in X-Plane11 and use all the features of this latest version of X-Plane with one of the most popular aircraft in the simulator. And very X-Plane11 it does represent as well. The Airbus A on the surface my look outwardly exactly the same but v1. The Airbus always had a nice shine in X-Plane10, but in X-Plane11 it now looks like it has come straight out of the paint shop and straight to the operator in you.

X-Plane11 does also highlight the detailing on the aircraft far more as well, the A looks beautiful and glowing in the morning light. Nice improvements also include the metalness and chrome feature in X-Plane11, this looks very nice as well on the engine inlet cowlings and winglets.

Both engine configurations that was with the v2. But in v1. The cabin has been changed from the ceo older style cabin to the newer neo LED lighting style of cabin, which is very similar to the Boeing "Sky" interior designs.

There is now a well defined business class and economy class. The neon lighting was in the older v3. The economy style seating is absolutely first rate, with beautifully formed rear panels the same ones you stare at for hours and excellent overhead paneling with passenger air vents and lighting controls, this is the A cabin you always dreamed of. Over-wing exits are well done, but the minute detailing is everywhere and the highlights are the actual windows with great cabin reflections and even the air hole between the external and internal glass.

You now have the best airliner cabin window seat in X-Plane. First to note that X-PLane11 changed the internal navigation data source that is different from X-Plane And you can choose your data source from the "MCDU" status page of which selection has now been improved.

All fuel and performance calculations are now correct for X-Plane11 performance, and the actual FMGS was broken by the new model and that is now also fixed.

jardesign a320 update

There was always an issue with the CRZ level setting when you inputted the data, and you always needed that the CRZ level number was reset before you displayed the route data on the FMGS screen. It is still worthy to rechecked this item after all performance data is set, but this quirk has been addressed. Ground Equipment has had a touch up as well with better textures to match X-Plane It is important to update to the latest v. Overwhelmingly brilliant, startup is totally realistic, so turn your sound up for simply great sonic detail.

The A is an aircraft you need to fly regularly, It requires a mastering of its behaviour, certainly in the takeoff phase and the transition too auto pilot flight, if you get through the full process without any autopilot cutoff's you are doing well.

Cabin view out is now excellent, great for replays and sitting back and enjoying the scenery The panel lighting brightness has been increased to give you more chance to see through the cross lighting better to read the instruments and it is thankfully better.

Other notes include small items like the baro and clock lighting and baro selector have both been fixed. You now also have two mousewheel selections in "classic" or "comfort" in the MCDU MENUbut the speed manipulator is annoying in if you try to adjust by moving the manipulator and not using your scrollwheel, it jumps to a very high or lower speed very quickly.

Note the annoying vertical profile on the upper ECAM left image above. Cockpit lighting has had a few changes and adjustments, but the main overhead lighting is still on and can't be toned right down dark for landing and that makes the cockpit brighter than it should be on approaches, also like noted the overhead lighting is also connected to the cabin lighting. It is all about hitting the numbers You are going along for the ride as you twist into finals A lot of attention has been given to the ILS and approach phases of the flight with this 1.

Covered are items including that the GA - Go Around has been fixed, ILS lock and approach has been fixed with the ILS dots and diamonds being now correct and finally your "Rollout" mode or Autoland has also been improved, and so there is no more hunting or missing the ILS zone area.

Manchester's western approach can always slightly confuse you? Runway 05R is far more forward than your runway on 05L, if there is a slight mist or haze of which there always is at EGCC then the mist can hide out 05L and all you see is that the runway is not in alignment, but that is of course the more forward right side positioned 05R It catches you out almost every time?Manual installer downloads are provided here for legacy reasons, and as a backup routine if there are any issues with updating through the Manager.

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jardesign a320 update

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FMS Data - Manual Install

Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.By StephenSeptember 13, in Airliners Reviews. First there is a common theme coming out of these upgrade releases and that is that JARDesign are intending to keep you on the ground as long as possible before letting you fly anywhere. Most of the items added are all features that getting ready for flight is becoming a ritual and not just a set this or that and then start your engines and taxi out.

The aircraft GPS alignment to which I have honed down to 12 minutes, Has now been lengthened by three extra features. Fuel Truck released in update 1.

JARDesign Updates A320 to V3.3

Any fuel load left in your tanks after your last simulation will be still there on the startup of the new one. This allows you to set the aircraft load of Passengers and Freight. Secondly you must have two items available to use the function. Then when you select the airport it will give you a selection of taxiways. You select you first taxiway and then your second selection and then each taxiway you want to select until you reach your hold point on the runway.

It is all very clever but with a couple of issues. One if you make a mistake you have to start again using the CLR button When all the taxi points are inserted in the right order then press RUN to activate.

This will bring up the main menu. And it will note your:. Showing path markers gives you the route the FM car will use. To see a line of markers from one taxiway point to the next would be ideal in choosing your route and direction around the airport. FM Car will appear when you pressed the RUN button and it will come and set itself in up your windshield and wait there till you start to move forward The FM Car speed adjustment is a great feature I use 15knts which is ideal and once you start your forward movement the FM Car will move along before you Setting the 15knts means the car will stay at 15Knts even if you go faster, in doing that it allows you to set your correct pace and speed as to not run it over I loved this in that you have to pace the aircraft to the FM car and it will just not stay at the same speed as the aircraft but the distance between the two objects do contract and expand as you move - clever yes!

When the route is completed the FM Car will move out of you way and park up behind you The takeoff bit and flying the aircraft is your job. It works very well. And when you arrive at your destination if you have set up the route, the FM Car is waiting for you.

A bit of practise would make this FM Car work really well. But I would like a better quicker way of laying out complex routes. So every time you start a flight you have to have the route listed and ready to input into the system. The button has three modes: Normal offdisplay camera view and display terrain.By StephenMarch 3, in News!

The latest developments in X-Plane. This has changed the dynamics of mainly the FMGS or Flight Management and Guidance Computer but also removed the menu system that was located on the left of your screen. The settings were on the MCDU before. The ground handling can be used with the Ground Handling Deluxe GHD plugin, because they are basically the same thing.

But there are not as many items on the aircraft as there are on the plugin version, and you can't select your liveries either? Cockpit still a very nice place to fly and is mostly unchanged This v3.

JARDesign A320 - Payware That's Worth Your Money! - X-Plane 11

The Airbus A v3. Org Store here :. Airbus A Requirements are:. The answer is sadly no I checked my VRAM numbers and the Av3 came in at mb, and as you can see I'm not greedy in my settings, scenery load was light You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.

Upload or insert images from URL. The latest developments in X-Plane Search In. The latest developments in X-Plane jardesign. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted March 3, Requirements are: X-Plane 11 or X-Plane By StephenAugust 27, in Airliners Reviews. The accolades came and with justification as it is a simply brilliant aircraft, and another milestone in X-Plane development.

But it did have one issue and this was a global issue that affected other SASL powered aircraft and was not just related to JARDesign in that there was a crash for Mac users in the sounds department.

It was a tough nut to crack but a solution has finally been found and the plugin has been fixed. So the core of this update 1. I personally Mac never had an issue with the crashes, and I pushed the aircraft very hard in constant simulations over a period of three weeks to create the release review The aircraft was very complete on release, but a few bugs have been cleared in v1.

Last month JARDesign released a new plugin beta called "GroundService", a brilliant plugin that allows you to create service vehicles around your aircraft, It is immensely clever and here in the "GNDHandling" version included with the A you can see it not only in operation but how it will totally transform again our ramp areas. The menu allows you to - "Drive up All" and "Drive Away All" service vehicles in the list, "To Hide all" and a Control Panel that allows you to activate or hide individual vehicles.

Press "Drive up All" and you unleash mayhem! The Service vehicles all appear and then go about their business with gutso. Open the Control Panel and you can see the list available, and it is extensive.

Even better the system allows you to add vehicles as well. The top three buttons are the "All" activations. The highlight certainly are the pallet loaders, Pallets come on to the base, turn, then lift and then move the pallet inside the aircraft, then repeat.

Brilliant, loved it, with a wide smile Other loaders also go about their business and the excellent elevated service vehicles are also here. A few of these items were of course available with the release of the A, but you didn't have the total control of them like you do here, and the sheer amount of activity you can create.

If you select the Fuel Truck the load sheet is visible as well and you can load the fuel from the panel. One odd thing is that if you select the activity to finish the vehicle or vehicles will then line up direct behind the aircraft, so how can you pushback with a row of vehicles standing there? You can make them disappear, but why not line them up to the side and out of the way?

New Progress on JARDesign A320 and Details on A330 V4

The scope of this system is certainly amazing, just think of this with the x, and hopefully JARDesign will install it with their Aneo as well. No offence to the other developers that have create good ground service vehicles, but this system should be either licensed or installed in all good payware and top quality freeware aircraft As you wrap up the loading the mayhem subsides as the vehicles are slowly removed from the aircraft.

The A is still a beast to prepare for flight, the "Hot Start" goes a long way in helping you get the aircraft running, but watch those few switches that are left on in the wrong position APU Bleed, Ignition switch and One Grd power buttonbut the FMC programming is still a long list of settings to get everything ready for flight.

I'm still not totally happy with the pushback feature, you can't see the buttons direction when starting the pushback and pressing any of the buttons twice or more makes the truck go faster, that is fine but you can catch the buttons while try to stop it instead. Dublin is busy as WorldTraffic 2. You have to be very much in control like I remember on the release aircraft on leaving the runway.

The A will climb hard up unless you control the pitch and settle the vertical climb rate. It should be automatic on this being an Airbus, but you have to get your speed and pitch numbers almost correct unless you get an annoying Autopilot alert and disconnect.

Get it right and the A will settle down nicely and you can activate the "OP" Option Climb to gain the cruise altitude you want.

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